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  • Regular number of members: maximum 18, minimum 7.

  • No more than two members will be from the same organization (one is preferred). Organization is defined as a specific agency or practice and is not applicable to B/D affiliations.

  • Attendance at all meetings is expected. Members should schedule around meeting dates. Meetings will be held two times per year.

  • Chairperson of the meetings will rotate among members. If meeting coincides with the Pinnacle Group, the chairperson will work with the Pinnacle member who is hosting the meeting to prepare the agenda.

  • Dues total $350 per meeting.

  • Chairperson handles all program details. Chairperson is expected to obtain sponsorship equal to meeting costs. All additional meeting costs are shared equally by all members through the Cornerstone Study Group account, regardless of attendance.

  • At least one member is expected to give a presentation on subject matters considered beneficial to the other members at each meeting.

  • Admissions and expulsions must be unanimous. Admission is by invitation. If not previously done, proposed member is expected to present at his/her provisional meeting. Withdrawal from group requires written notice three months prior to next scheduled meeting, sent to Executive Committee, otherwise member will still be responsible for the meeting fee. Failure to follow all Principles and Guidelines will result in disciplinary action or expulsion as deemed necessary by unanimous vote among group members. A disciplinary letter will be sent from Executive Committee Officers defining the failure, allowing the option to correct such behavior at future meeting opportunity. Thereafter, there will be a vote by non-offending members to determine any further course of action.

  • What is shared is private to the group. Open commentary is expected. First year members are provisional members and have a voice, but not a vote. A member's 3rd meeting will instate voting privileges.

  • Members must stay at Hotel of the chairperson’s choice, including the chairperson.

  • Communications among members between meetings on important topics is expected and encouraged. E-mails are the preferred method of communication.

  • Any change in our guidelines must be approved by 2/3 of members present at a meeting. Failure to meet the 2/3 approval, means the item would be rejected.

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